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Combined electric boiler and instantaneous water heater

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A combination without compromise

As an electric boiler, the COMBOMAX ULTRA is compatible with any hydronic heating system. Its combined water heater system uses the stored heat transfer fluid to provide domestic hot water in less than 7 seconds. Potable water flows inside the independent copper coils, which are connectedto the domestic hot water distribution system.

All the power you expect from an electric boiler

Available in two sizes, the COMBOMAX ULTRA offers performance levels from 4.5 kW to 29 kW for either residential constructions or condominiums. It is just as efficient as conventional electric boilers and can easily heat large buildings of up to 4750 sq. ft.

Combined savings at all levels

The COMBOMAX ULTRA takes up the same space as conventional water heaters. It is installed in one easy step and requires less material and labour than products that would have been installed separately. What?s more: this combination will last over 30 years, which means the water heater will not have to be replaced every 7 to 10 years. Almost maintenance-free, it has a 15-year warranty.

High-quality domestic hot water

The hot water used for showers, cooking or cleaning all comes from the COMBOMAX ULTRA instantaneous water heater system. Because the hot water is continuously renewed, users will benefit from exceptionally high-quality hot water and avoid bacterial growth, such as legionella. Domestic hot water is never stored and never in contact with any residue that would accumulate in conventional water heaters. Generally the COMBOMAX ULTRA 50-24 can produce 60% more domestic hot water within an hour.

15 Years Limited Warranty on the Tank and the Heat Exchanger

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